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    Update: Waste Diversion Ontario Decision on Call2Recycle Canada’s ISP
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     2013 Collections
    17 consecutive years of growth
    Thanks to you, we diverted over 11 million pounds of batteries (5 million kg) from landfills - Read the press release
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     100% Recycled
    100% Recycled
    We divert everything from landfills. Find out what happens to the rechargeable batteries and cellphones.
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     Faces of Recycling
    Rechargeable Batteries Power Our Daily Lives
    We use mobile devices every day – all powered by rechargeable batteries. When that battery-power runs out, it's important to recycle them. Find your recycling location
1999 Annual Report-1

Call2Recycle Through the Years: Our Top 5 Favorite Annual Reports

October 24, 2014

As Call2Recycle looks back at its two decades of growth, we realize that our most significant achievement isn’t in the pounds of batteries recycled or the number of collection sites. We are most proud of our contribution in changing the … Read More



Best Buy Reaches Goal of Recycling 1 Billion Pounds in 5 Years

October 19, 2014

Five years ago, Best Buy set a goal: recycle one billion pounds of consumer electronics and large appliances by 2014. The company reached its goal six months early. Scott Weislow, senior director of Environmental Services at Best Buy, talks with … Read More


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battery with recycling symbol

1800Recycling.com Partners with Call2Recycle for Enhanced Battery Recycling Efforts

September 23, 2014

1800Recycling.com, an interactive website dedicated to enhancing and democratizing the consumer recycling experience, has announced a new partnership with Call2Recycle, Inc., North America’s first and largest consumer battery stewardship program. As part of the partnership, Call2Recycle and the 1800Recycling team will work to enhance the current battery recycling portion of the 1800Recycling system… Read More



Speaking Out for Call2Recycle

September 18, 2014

What do you think of when you hear the word ‘Call2Recycle?’ Batteries? Our branded box? The face of Richard Karn, Guy LaFleur or Danny Seo? Since the very beginning Call2Recycle has relied on popular personalities to draw attention to Call2Recycle’s … Read More



Tulsa’s ‘Recycle Michael’

September 18, 2014

In the metro Tulsa area, Michael Patton has earned the nickname “Recycle Michael” for his tireless work in advocating recycling to the local community. Patton is executive director of Tulsa’s Metropolitan Environmental Trust (M.e.t.), a non-profit recycling organization started in … Read More



Canadian Defence Research Agency Partners with Call2Recycle to Centralize its Battery Recycling

September 18, 2014

What do a G-suit, motorized wheelchair, Alouette 1 satellite, Black Brant rockets, carbon dioxide lasers, flight data recorders, the Ballard fuel cell membrane and the Bombsniffer have in common? Defence Research and Development Canada (DRDC). Over the years, DRDC researchers, sometimes in partnership with … Read More


Call2Recycle® is a product stewardship program providing no-cost battery and cellphone recycling solutions across the U.S. and Canada. Operated by Call2Recycle, Inc., a 501(c)4 nonprofit public service organization, the program is funded by battery and product manufacturers committed to responsible recycling.