Simply put, the Call2Recycle program is a free and easy way for earth-conscious folks like yourself to get rid of your old batteries and cellphones. With over twenty years of experience in safely and reliably diverting batteries from landfills, we take care of the hard part. All you have to do is drop off your old batteries and cellphones at one of the 30,000 Call2Recycle drop-off locations across North America.

Here’s how it works


The best way to ensure that batteries aren’t filling our landfills is to make sure they never get there.

According to Earth911, there are about 3 billion batteries purchased per year in the US alone and about 10 billion worldwide. That’s 250 million pounds of batteries in the US that wind up in landfills!

When batteries are improperly disposed of, they end up in the trash where they can be landfilled, potentially releasing toxic chemicals into the surrounding environment.

Consumer FAQ


Who is Call2Recycle®?

We are North America’s first and largest consumer battery stewardship and recycling program, with a network of more than 14,000 public collection sites. We were founded in the mid-1990s as a voluntary, industry-run initiative to keep the heavy metals from rechargeable batteries out of the solid waste stream.

How are you funded?

Industry stewards, or major product and battery manufacturers across the globe, voluntarily fund our programs to ensure that the batteries and cellphones that they introduce into the marketplace are being responsibly recycled when they reach their end of life.

What is product stewardship?

Product stewardship is the act of minimizing the health, safety, environmental, and social impact of a product and its packaging throughout its lifecycle. While product manufacturers or producer have the greatest ability to influence this impact, suppliers, retailers, regulators and consumers also play significant roles.

What kind of cellphones do you recycle?

We accept all cellphones, with or without their batteries.

What do you do with the batteries and cellphones I drop off?

All our collected batteries are sent to sorters and processors in the U.S. and Canada. These companies sort the batteries by chemistry, and then converted into byproducts that are used to make new products such as batteries, stainless steel alloy and cement additives. Cellphones are refurbished and resold when possible, or recycled, with the proceeds being used to fund the program. You can see how we recycle batteries in this video.

Is it free to recycle or is there a charge to recycle?

Consumers are invited to take advantage of our drop-off collection network at no cost.  Businesses are invited to utilize our online store to purchase collection kits.