The Secret Life of Batteries – Can You Imagine A Different Journey?

From household appliances, to laptops, cellphones, and other portable electronics, batteries help power our modern world. But what happens when batteries lose their charge? Each year billions of batteries end up in landfills, where toxic metals could enter the waste stream and possibly harm our environment.

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What does it mean to adopt the Circular Economy and who is responsible to drive the next generation of environment-friendly principles? Who benefits the most from the Circular Economy? Who has the biggest chance to make inroads in product stewardship as it relates to the Circular Economy? These are some of the topics that we’ll discuss as we provide real-life examples from the public and the private sector.

In this hour-long webcast Call2Recycle’s CEO and President, Carl Smith joins Energizer’s Director of Regulatory and Government Affairs, Marcus Boolish, and Betsy Dorn, Recycling Expert and author of Shifting the Focus from End-Of-Life Recycling to Continuous Product Lifecycles, in a discussion about how companies are dealing with the challenges presented as they work towards attaining a circular economy.

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