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NAHMMA 2015 — September 14 – 16, 2015

Stop by our booth at the 2015 National Conference in Austin, TX. Our experts can talk you through the customizable solutions we offer, so you can remain compliant with battery recycling regulations in the U.S.  Whether you are a battery manufacturer, a manufacturer of products containing batteries, or a company that wants to divert used products from the wastestream, our program allows you to be a leader in environmental sustainability in your communities.

Are Your Products Compliant With North American Regulations?

CertifiedCall2Recycle’s industry steward program helps battery and product manufacturers fulfill recycling requirements in the U.S. and Canada, including compliance with extensive state, provincial and federal regulations, such as the Mercury-Containing and Rechargeable Battery Act (The Battery Act). If you are a manufacturer of batteries or products containing batteries, you can greatly reduce your liability by participating in our program. Our experts can talk to you about customizable solutions just for your unique needs. In the meantime, learn more about Call2Recycle industry stewards here.

Do You Need a Turnkey Solution to Recycle Batteries in Your Community?

US Box up 1Call2Recycle program participants can collect and recycle rechargeable batteries and cellphones at no cost throughout the U.S. Flexible solutions are offered to businesses, municipalities and manufacturers that also want or need to collect single-use batteries as part of their recycling solutions. Call2Recycle® seeks third-party certification to meet the highest standards of responsible recycling, and is a member of CHWMEG for independent third-party auditing of facilities. In addition, Call2Recycle is the first battery recycling program to obtain Responsible Recycling© (R2) certification and e-Stewards recognition by the Basel Action Network (BAN), so you can rest assured that the batteries you collect are safely and responsibly recycled. The program is very simple to set up and operate and offers many more benefits to participating sites.  Learn more about the collection program here.


Call2Recycle® is a product stewardship program providing no-cost battery and cellphone recycling solutions across the U.S. and Canada. Operated by Call2Recycle, Inc., a 501(c)4 nonprofit public service organization, the program is funded by battery and product manufacturers committed to responsible recycling.