Small Battery & Cellphone Box


Collect dry cell single-use and rechargeable batteries, as well as cellphones with the small recycling box.  Call2Recycle has a special permit from the US Department of Transportation (US DOT) for this box and fully complies with their requirements on the transportation of hazardous materials.  A postage paid return shipping label is included.  A Certificate of Recycling is available upon request. Available in the contiguous U.S. only.  Not available in Alaska, Hawaii, or other territories.



Additional Information

Dimensions 7 x 13 x 6 in

Weight Capacity

This box typically holds between 20 to 25 pounds of batteries and cellphones, depending on the battery chemistry mix.  No more than 66 pounds can be shipped in this box per U.S. DOT regulations.

Accepted Materials

Lithium Ion (Li-Ion), Small Sealed Lead Acid (SSLA/Pb), Nickel Cadmium (Ni-Cd), Nickel Metal Hydride (Ni-MH), Nickel Zinc (Ni-Zn), Lithium Primary, Alkaline, Carbon Zinc, Button and Coin cell batteries, and all cellphones are accepted regardless of size, make, model, or age.

Wet cell batteries are not accepted.

Included Supplies

Small battery & cellphone box, guideline sheet, 50 small bags, battery recycling poster, postage paid return shipping label.