Safety & Shipping Tips

Storing and shipping rechargeable batteries is generally safe if you follow the Flyer - Box Guidelines included in the Call2Recycle® collection kit. Recycling power tool packs? Flyer - 5 Tips for Safely Recycling Power Tool Battery Packs

Collection Kit Shipping Guidelines

Rechargeable Battery Samples

Accept rechargeable batteries weighing less than 11 lbs / 5 kg each.

Bag Battery

Bag individual battery or cover exposed metal portion with electrical or nonconductive tape.

Box in retail location

Write accumulation start date on the back of the box. Keep collection box in a dry, cool and monitored area.

Cross Taping Box

Do not overfill the collection box. Cross-tape the box before shipping. (Please be careful not to cover up the shipping label bar code.)

Back of Box

Follow the shipping instructions on the back of the collection box.

Lithium Ion, Non-Call2Recycle Boxes (or older Call2Recycle boxes):
Participants shipping in old Call2Recycle or non-Call2Recycle kits need to follow the new DOT guidelines on lithium shipments.  When in doubt, it is recommended to contact our Customer Service Team at 1.877.2.RECYCLE (1.877.273.2925) or to email us to verify your shipment’s compliance status. More information on the new regulations can be found on the DOT website.

Bulk_LiBatteriesBulk Shipping Guidelines

For participants shipping containers bulk on pallets via standard ground:

    1. Check that you have a MINIMUM of 500 pounds total for your shipment.
    2. Ensure that you are shipping only dry-cell Ni-Cd, Ni-MH, Ni-Zn,SSLA/Pb or Li-Ion rechargeable batteries weighing ll lbs. each or less.
    3. Verify that batteries are packaged to meet US Department of Transportation (USDOT) requirements. They are individually bagged, have taped terminals or meet USDOT short-circuit protection requirements.
    4. After securing your containers to pallet(s), you will need a Bill of Lading (BOL). You can create one easily with our BOL Wizard using your Call2Recycle site ID and 5 digit zip code. If you need your Call2Recycle site info, please call 877-723-1297.
    5. Our BOL Wizard will provide you labels. Please be sure to put ONE LABEL PER CONTAINER and mark accordingly. You will also need to put a copy of the BOL on each pallet. For containers that contain Li-Ion under 66 lbs., they will need a special Li-Ion warning label and containers over 66 pounds need hazardous material Class 9 labeling (Hazardous material labeling not provided). For containers that contain SSLA/Pb, they will need a “non-spillable” label.
    6. You can schedule your pick-up through the online wizard or call our freight partner, UPS, to arrange pick-up: 800-333-7400

Call2Recycle® is a product stewardship program providing no-cost battery and cellphone recycling solutions across the U.S. and Canada. Operated by Call2Recycle, Inc., a 501(c)4 nonprofit public service organization, the program is funded by battery and product manufacturers committed to responsible recycling.