New Jersey Charges Ahead with 51% Collection Increase

In 1991, New Jersey adopted the “Dry Cell Battery Management Act” making it illegal to knowingly dispose of nickel-cadmium and small-sealed lead acid battery as solid waste. Call2Recycle is an approved program to comply with this requirement and now has over 570 collection sites within New Jersey that increased pounds recycled in 2011 by 51%. In 2011, New Jersey residents recycled a total of 169,211 pounds (76,753 kg) of ...

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Join Us, RadioShack Stores! Recycle Your Used Rechargeable Batteries and Cellphones

RadioShack has long supported and participated in the Call2Recycle® program for recycling batteries and cellphones. RadioShack dealers are also invited to help keep your work environment and surrounding communities cleaner and healthier by partnering with Call2Recycle. The program is absolutely free, and it can help increase store traffic and customer loyalty while preserving the environment.

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