Did you know that electronics left plugged in drain energy, even when they’re turned off? To reduce energy consumption, give battery-operated, cordless gadgets this holiday season.

Call2Recycle has you covered with the ultimate green gift guide for every personality on your shopping list.

the-globetrotterKnow someone who loves to travel? How about one of these gifts for the person who is always on the go:

  • Backup phone charger
  • Cordless beard clippers
  • Cordless hair-straightener

the-diy-erHelp your friend express their creativity on their next project with these gift ideas

  • Cordless glue gun
  • Cordless mini-sewing machine
  • Cordless drill

the-foodieFor the family member whose cooking rivals that of any four-star restaurant, get them a gift to elevate their culinary skills:

  • Electric knife
  • Cordless blender
  • Vacuum sealer

the-techieWe all have a friend who likes to keep up with the latest popular gadgets and electronics. Satisfy their love of new tech with one of these fun gifts:

  • Smartwatch
  • Wireless headphones
  • Gaming console or controller

the-outdoorspersonThinking of a gift for that special person who loves going on hikes, camping, or doing any activity that involves the great outdoors? These gifts will get them ready for their next adventure:

  • Portable GPS
  • Tactical flashlight
  • Rechargeable hand warmers

the-studentFinding the perfect gift for a college student doesn’t have to be a challenge. Try one of these great gifts to help them get through next semester:

  • Laptop
  • Portable bluetooth speakers
  • Dust buster

These creative gift ideas all have one thing in common – they contain a rechargeable, recyclable battery. But what happens when these batteries lose their charge (after 1,000 or more charges)? Out of the 70 million pounds of batteries sold yearly in North America, majority of them aren’t properly disposed of and end up in landfills, where toxic metals could enter the waste stream and possibly harm our environment.

About a third of people say they’re more likely to recycle batteries around the holidays. This shopping season, take advantage of a participating battery drop-off location at a retailer near you!

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You can also help by educating your family and friends on how they can conserve energy and reduce waste by recycling year-round. Make a lasting impact with gifts that are not only good for the environment, but everyone on your list will love!