Battery Recycling is a Dangerous Business!

  1. READ the enclosed information and safety guidelines found on your collection box.
    1. Batteries weighing 11 lbs. or less each.
    2. No wet-cell, damaged or defective batteries.
  2. TRAIN everyone on your team who will be handling the collection box or batteries.
  3. PROTECT THE TERMINALS by bagging or taping.  
    1. In the U.S., the following batteries should be bagged or taped to ...
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National Battery Day Coming Feb. 18

Get Ready! National Battery Day 2017 is Almost Here

 National Battery Day will be celebrated on Saturday, February 18. During the first 18 days of February we will shine a spotlight on the role that batteries play in our daily lives and encourage consumers to recycle their used batteries at nearby drop-off locations.

Call2Recycle’s National Battery Day campaign runs from Feb. 1 to 18 in both the US and Canada. Leading retailers, municipalities and industry stewards will join together to raise awareness ...

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National Battery Day Newsletter Template

Celebrate National Battery Day on Feb. 18

Awareness day drives consumer engagement and awareness of battery recycling across U.S.

What would your life be like without batteries? Look around you and count how many of the items in your home use batteries–from cell phones to tablets to remote controls and power tools. Batteries are a convenient source of portable power for today’s electronics.

February 18th marks National Battery Day, which celebrates the important role batteries play in our lives while inspiring consumers us ...

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14 Million Pounds of Used Batteries in 2016


Consumers Recycle Record-Setting 14 Million Pounds of Used Batteries in 2016

Call2Recycle Reports Double Digit Growth in Battery Collections; Credits Growing Consumer Network

Atlanta/Toronto – January 19, 2017 – Call2Recycle, Inc., North America’s first and largest battery stewardship and recycling organization, today reported that consumers recycled a record-setting 14 million pounds (6.3 million kilograms) of batteries and cellphones in collections throughout the U.S. and Canada in 2016. Enhanced accessibility and consumer awareness played a vital role in driving the 12 percent ...

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