Umicore Joins Call2Recycle’s Battery Processing Network

We welcome Umicore, a global materials technology and recycling company, to Call2Recycle’s supplier network. Umicore will be processing Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) batteries from across the U.S.

With a fast-growing demand for Li-Ion battery recycling and a limited number of North American-based processors, Call2Recycle has been seeking multiple processing options to provide additional capacity for growing collections. Umicore underwent an extensive review process by Call2Recycle and complies with our stringent vendor requirements.

This change affects the environmental downstream tracking and verification records of ...

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Are There Clouds on the Horizon for Recycling?

Recent articles by Call2Recycle CEO and President Carl Smith highlight some of the major issues the recycling industry faces this year as changes in consumer behavior begin to undermine environmental progress.

Is the recycling movement under threat? Make your own decision after reading these articles:

Environmental Leader:  Where Does Recycling Fit in the Environmental Movement?

GreenBiz:  Will Wearable Technology Destroy Advances In Recycling?

Share your thoughts on the future of recycling on the Call2Recycle Twitter and Facebook pages.

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Spotlight on Safety: Customer Service Answers Your Most Popular Questions

Safety is a strategic focus of Call2Recycle during 2017. In this issue, our Customer Service team shares its answers to the most frequently asked safety questions from collection sites and stewards.

Why do I have to bag or tape every battery?

The simple answer is so that your battery shipments comply with US DOT regulations which require that the terminals of select battery types don’t make contact with each other when in transit from your location to the sorting facility. Because battery ...

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All Battery Recycling is Here to Stay!

For years, you’ve asked us to add a single-stream recycling service for both single-use and rechargeable batteries. You told us it would make collections more efficient and eliminate consumer confusion. We listened and expanded our menu of services:

  • New single-stream recycling of rechargeable and single-use batteries.
  • New recycling services for damaged, defective, recalled (DDR) Li-Ion batteries.
  • New pay-as-you-go collection kits in varying sizes, or a bulk shipping option, available in a new online store.

Our new services are designed to optimize battery ...

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