You asked, we listened!

Call2Recycle has expanded its battery recycling program to include a new single-use battery recycling option. This service includes all battery recycling of household batteries (rechargeable and single-use) under 11 lbs. as an option for our collection sites. Collection sites can opt in through the online store through the purchase of boxes or through regular bulk shipments.

Rechargeable batteries will still be collected at no cost for qualified national retailers, municipal recycling programs, and industry stewards, while businesses and private entities will be assessed nominal fees. Consumers can continue to drop-off their batteries at no charge at participating collection sites found on the drop-off locator.

Driving this change are shifting market conditions and a desire to better serve consumers. We are seeing a steady increase in the purchase of portable devices using batteries and a growing demand for more convenient, one-stop recycling for all household batteries, whether single-use or rechargeable. Expanding our services will also help us sustain the robust, nationwide battery recycling program we’ve developed during the past two decades.

What’s Changed

  • New single-stream recycling of all household rechargeable and single-use batteries.
  • New recycling services for damaged, defective, recalled (DDR) Li-Ion batteries.
  • Existing rechargeable only battery recycling service, with fees for select sites.*
  • Pay-as-you-go collection kits in varying sizes, or bulk shipping inquiries, available in the new online store.

*Note that collection sites in Vermont qualify for no-cost single-use battery recycling. Collection sites in Minnesota and New York (retailers only) qualify for no-cost rechargeable only battery recycling. Sites in these states are encouraged to contact Customer Service at 877-723-1297 for more details.

What’s Next

New and existing Call2Recycle collection sites may opt into the new services at any time. Fees may apply for select sites enrolled in the rechargeable battery only service, beginning April 1. These sites may incur a disruption in their current service, including auto-replenishment of their collection kits.  Download the
All Battery Program Summary for Collection Sites
 for collection sites for more information.

Call2Recycle Battery Recycling Options



Call2Recycle Program Benefits

Regardless of which services you select, you will continue to receive these benefits:

  • Online tool to help you identify the best battery recycling solution based on location, battery type and volume
  • Online store for convenient purchasing of pay-as-you-go collection kits
  • All-in-one battery collection kits with a US DOT special permit and postage-paid return shipping label
  • Containers available for the special handling of Damaged/Defective/Recalled (DDR) batteries
  • Bill of Lading (BOL) Wizard for streamlined bulk shipping
  • Free, downloadable promotional materials and opt-in e-newsletter for program updates
  • Free U.S.-based Customer Service hotline
  • Recycling process that meets the highest environmental standards (R2, BAN)

Call2Recycle’s mission is to responsibly manage the end-of-life of batteries and related products to keep them out of landfills and minimize environmental impact. We look forward to this new program expansion and a smooth transition! Please call your Call2Recycle account manager or Customer Service Team at 877-723-1297 if you have any questions.