Marking its 23rd year, the International Congress for Battery Recycling (ICBR) is the international platform for presenting the latest developments and discussing the challenges faced by the battery recycling industry. The annual event attracts major processors and stewardship organizations from across the globe to discuss academic and industry-centric topics around battery recycling, including EV batteries and the battery directive narrative. This year’s conference will focus on several battery recycling topics, chief among them safety.

Call2Recycle is proud to mark nearly 15 years of involvement with this important global event, serving in various roles over the years including conference speaker and steering committee member. This year in Berlin, our Managing Director of Operations, Tim Michaels, will be presenting on ways to limit lithium-based safety incidents. The discussion will address what’s at risk and ways the Call2Recycle® program is engaging safety to support those involved in the battery recycling journey. Tim will also be chairing a session on recycling processing & technology.

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