A Quarter Century of Impact

The last 25 years have helped to refine and strengthen the mission of Call2Recycle®, which is to responsibly recycle consumer batteries. Since launching in March of 1994 by five leading battery manufacturers, our program stewards and partners have recycled more than 150 million pounds of batteries (across the U.S. and Canada). Our commitment to battery recycling awareness remains a constant thread of the program fabric, noted by ongoing educational outreach efforts centered on safety. The work of our leadership to provide counsel on battery collections, recycling initiatives and industry discussions reinforces a dedication to responsible recycling practices. Through this framework and consumer participation, we’ve been able to make a positive impact on the planet.

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The Call2Recycle Process

The Call2Recycle program is steeped in safety. From program safety training to the selection of sorting partners to compliance certifications, safety remains a cornerstone. We believe, just like we did 25 years ago, that protecting everyone involved in the recycling journey is the top priority. This mindset guides our program process, which we’ve brought to life in the flowchart to the right:

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The Next 25 Years

In looking back over the last 25 years, the most important piece of the program remains the same: consumers. We know that influencing behaviors takes time and tenacity, two things that have remained steadfast since program inception. In the era of rapidly evolving technology, reduced attention spans and a growing recycling epidemic, the work to engage consumers in battery recycling is more critical than ever before. Thanks to our partners and consumers, we’ve made incredible strides to date. We’re thankful for the support provided every step of the way and with YOUR continued involvement, are excited to see where the next 25 years will take us. 

Milestone Moments