ADI Battery Recycling Program

ADI-Global-LogoIn support of ADI’s environmental commitment, we are pleased to announce a new recycling partnership with Call2Recycle®, North America’s first and largest battery stewardship program.

As an industry steward of Call2Recycle, ADI joins about 300 companies that have united to ensure that the batteries (or products containing batteries) being introduced into the marketplace, are being responsibly recycled when they reach their end of life.  The Call2Recycle seal found on batteries confirms compliance with all stringent U.S. federal, state and Canadian provincial laws and requirements.

Call2Recycle will officially manage our rechargeable battery recycling program going forward, and as a Call2Recycle steward, this program is offered entirely at no-cost to all ADI locations. The organization meets the highest standards of responsible recycling and holds a Responsible Recycling© (R2) certification as well as an e-Stewards recognition by the Basel Action Network (BAN). This recycling program gives us assurance that all batteries we collect will be recycled and will not end up in landfills, overseas, or otherwise improperly managed.

The program roll-out is underway and ADI sales centers and operations sites can ship in bulk or by using collection kits (boxes):

  • Bulk Shipping: For large volume collection sites, shipping batteries in bulk is much more practical. Call2Recycle offers an online Bill of Lading (BOL) wizard that helps you accurately complete your shipping document and schedule pickup through UPS freight – Call2Recycle’s national freight carrier. Shipping charges are direct billed to Call2Recycle. The BOL wizard also provides guidance to print appropriate DOT shipping labels for sealed lead acid and lithium-ion batteries.
    Please make sure your shipment weighs 500 lbs. or more before preparing shipment. Detailed instructions are provided in the Bulk Shipping Guidelines. You can find more information of the bulk shipping option here.
  • Collection Boxes: Sales centers with a history of less or no prior battery recycling will be enrolled to receive 2,4, or 6 Call2Recycle collection boxes via UPS parcel service.  Each box includes a pre-paid, pre-addressed shipping label, can be used for shipping mixed battery chemistries, and holds about 66 lbs. of batteries.  Once your box ready to ship, follow the box shipping guidelines and add it to your regular UPS pick up.
  • Automatic Replenishment of Boxes: Once your shipment has been received at our recycling facility, Call2Recycle’s automated program will determine when your locations’ on-hand box quantity (boxes not yet scanned at the recycling facility) is low, and we will automatically  ship you replacement boxes. Also, you can reorder any collection materials by visiting
  • Customized Reports and Compliance Documents: As part of its commitment to transparency, Call2Recycle makes a variety of audit documents and certifications readily available to ADI. Participating collection sites can also request a Certificate of Recycling to demonstrate our joint commitment to environmental excellence.
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If you have questions about the ADI box or bulk collection program, need adjustments to your box allocation, have questions on the BOL process or other items, contact your assigned customer service representative:

Robb Thomas
Tel: 678-218-4588
Email: [email protected]

Thank you for all your support and help in preserving the environment.

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