Battery Recycling Awareness Campaign Launches in Bellevue & Redmond, Washington

teaser_washington_stateIn Washington, the City of Bellevue, the City of Redmond and Habitat for Humanity, along with select Bellevue and Redmond businesses are encouraging recycling of rechargeable batteries and cellphones. Each of the businesses is offering up discount coupons as part of the promotion. While recycling a rechargeable battery isn’t required to take advantage of the companies’ great offers, each of the locations is also a free drop-off site for rechargeable batteries and cellphones through the Call2Recycle® program.

“We are delighted to be partnering with the City of Redmond, Habitat for Humanity and local businesses to spread awareness around battery recycling and the environmental services the City of Bellevue offers it citizens,” said Jennifer Goodhart, Conservation Program Administrator for City of Bellevue. “Since rechargeable batteries can potentially contain heavy metals, we want to keep them out of our local landfills and responsibly recycle them. Our partnership with local businesses and Call2Recycle offers a convenient option for our constituents to do just that.”

The awareness campaign is running January 16 – April 16. To learn more and download the special coupons, visit

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