Battery Safety Campaign Raises Awareness to Help Prevent Safety Incidents

“Avoid the Spark” initiative to educate Californians on battery safety and recycling 

ATLANTA, GA. May 15, 2018  To educate consumers on safe battery handling and recycling practices, Call2Recycle®, North America’s first and largest consumer battery recycling program, is launching a battery safety campaign in conjunction with industry partners and Bay Area recycling centers and waste facilities.

More than ever before, consumers are enjoying the many benefits that come with the freedom to go unplugged. This means that battery usage is at an all-time high. Despite having battery laws in place, many Californians remain unaware of the ‘hidden dangers’ tied to their used batteries. In 2017 alone, 65% of fires reported by 26 waste facilities throughout California were said to have been caused by batteries.1There remains a gap between consumer understanding and responsibility when it comes to managing batteries once they reach their end-of-life. All this points to the need for increased awareness and education around battery safety. 

With 95% of Americans owning a cellphone and almost 50% owning e-readers or portable tablets, usage of rechargeable batteries is on the rise, increasing the need to educate consumers on the proper handling and disposal of batteries.2 Central to this effort is spreading consumer awareness on the need to protect the terminals of lithium-based batteries with non-conductive electrical, duct or clear packing tape, which can mitigate against a potential spark.

In fact, a recent Nielsen study commissioned by Call2Recycle found that:

  • 60% of consumers threw away some or all of their single-use batteries, and 
  • 15% did the same with rechargeable batteries. 

“Twenty years ago, lithium-based batteries were almost nonexistent,” said Carl Smith, CEO and president of Call2Recycle, Inc. “But according to the research, numbers have increased with Americans’ desire to go unplugged. 367 million lithium batteries were sold in 2016 alone, and of those, 44.3 million were consumed in California.3 This growing trend reinforces the need to increase consumer education efforts on battery safety. California is an excellent state to launch our Avoid the Spark education effort.” 

To address this matter, Call2Recycle and its industry partners are leading the way to educate the public about battery safety. Consumers interested in learning more can contact Call2Recycle directly at 1.877.723.1297 or visit the Call2Recycle website. 

1 California Product Stewardship Council, April, 9, 2018 – Fire Incident Survey Results
2 Pew Research Center, May 25, 2017 – A third of Americans live in a household with three or more smartphones
3 Resource Recycling Systems: South Bayside Waste Management Authority Lithium-Based Battery Assessment

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