Call2Recycle Collection Site Spotlight: Leon County HHW

Leon County HHW

Richard Lobinske, HHW Manager 

1.) Tell us about your program and how Call2Recycle supports your mission.

Our permanent HHW facility and rural satellite locations served 17,000 customers last year. We’re one of a few places that accepts all household batteries (rechargeable and single-use), a service we offer because we feel it protects the planet and helps to best serve our residents. Between our locations and ongoing collection events, we’re able to engage a good amount of our population who would like to recycle batteries. Last year, we collected and recycled nearly 24,000 pounds of batteries through the Call2Recycle program. The best part – we grew collections by 80% over the previous year (13,000 pounds in 2017). We view these outcomes as an indicator that residents want to engage with battery recycling. Working with Call2Recycle is a great way for us to promote sustainable practices.   

2.) From your perspective, what are the benefits provided by Call2Recycle? 

We work to have a pulse on resident needs, which includes how they wish to manage products for recycling. Partnering with Call2Recycle provides an opportunity to show our sustainability commitment and get the community engaged. Call2Recycle makes the process easy and quick – especially for bulk shipping needs – which frees us up to focus on HHW awareness efforts. Examples of outreach include working with the county to promote battery recycling through local newspapers, online ads, materials and even through upcoming billboard ads. The more we can spread the recycling message, including a focus on batteries, the more activity we hope to see with residents.  

3.) How does your partnership with Call2Recycle enhance your program?  

Our goal is to enhance the lives of our residents through services that fit their lifestyle. Battery recycling is something we feel Leon County residents are interested in and through this environmental commitment, we’re positively impacting the planet. Having a comprehensive and straightforward program for collecting and shipping batteries makes Call2Recycle a good partner. We’re able to easily manage monthly collection efforts and access on-demand reporting, which supports our work to ensure a clean & safe community. 

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