Call2Recycle Has A Green Home

Call2Recycle® has been growing steadily, so when it came time to create some extra breathing room, we went green with our new office space. When relocating the headquarters to a more workable space, it was imperative that LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) guidelines were followed.
Call2Recycle took advantage of this opportunity to walk the walk, using interior materials, furniture and appliances that have high recycled content, low toxicity and are energy-efficient and fully recyclable.

Here are some green highlights from start to finish:

Build-Out and Relocation

  • The building contractor recycled all metal demolished from job site, reused the existing entrance doors, glass panels and water heater.
  • Reusable moving crates and containers were used for the move.
  • Old furniture was donated.

Furniture and Appliances

  • New work surfaces contain natural fibers, plant-based materials, recycled content, virtually no VOCs and are recyclable.
  • Most furniture is Cradle to Cradle certified products.
  • All appliances are E-Star compliant.


  • Ceiling lights use low energy bulbs and provide indirect, ambient light to work surfaces.
  • Ceiling tiles are premium quality which absorb sound and provide even and more natural light to work surfaces and entire space.

Flooring and Walls

  • Carpet tiles by Shaw Industry are used which can be individually replaced or cleaned. These tiles are 100% recyclable and contain 40% recycled content. They also contain low VOCs.
  • Paints also contain low VOCs.
Reused front doors and wood panels Natural light pours in from all corners
Colorful paints contain low VOCs Carpet tiles contain 40% recycled content are used throughout the office
The Think Chair by Steelcase contains sustainable and recycled materials Energy-efficient ceiling lights produce indirect, ambient light for the work space. Premium ceiling tiles provide great sound absorption 
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