Call2Recycle Participates in U.S. Battery Recycling Summit

As new gadgets, personal electronics and tech-toys infiltrate the market on a daily basis, Recycling symbol created with primary batteriesconsumers are rushing to replace their existing products and upgrade to the latest technology.  While many of these products rely on batteries to provide us with convenience and portability, we are left wondering what happens to these batteries when they die and need to be replaced.

While Call2Recycle® has successfully collected and recycled over 60 million pounds of rechargeable batteries since its inception in 1994, a national program for alkaline batteries has not been available. Yet.

On April 5 and 6, Call2Recycle joined 80 other stakeholders as a participant in the U.S. Battery Recycling Summit, sponsored by the leading primary battery manufacturers in the U.S., to align on the development of a nationwide system that creates an economically sustainable way to minimize the environmental impact of spent battery materials.

The Battery Recycling Summit brought together stakeholders from various areas of expertise – from manufacturers to retailers to municipalities and recyclers.  Using their exceptional knowledge and experience, stakeholders strategized, brainstormed, and recommended an approach to the primary battery manufacturers to serve as the framework for a national battery recycling solution.

Call2Recycle will continue to provide its consumers, participants, and program supports with details surrounding this exciting initiative.  In the interim, visit for more information.

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