Call2Recycle Steward Spotlight: Acer

Acer America Corporation
Eric Gilbert, Senior Manager for Corporate Sustainability Office


Why did Acer begin working with Call2Recycle?

Acer’s partnership with Call2Recycle began in 2006. Like other electronics companies at the time, Acer was facing the challenge of offering a rechargeable battery recycling program in response to new targeted state regulatory requirements. Around this time, the leading global ecolabel for the IT sector, Electronics Product Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT), launched a standard that included a criterion requiring subscribers to implement a rechargeable battery take-back program. As the leading battery stewardship program in the U.S., Call2Recycle offered an extremely convenient and responsible battery recycling program for customers/consumer audiences. After 13 years, we are happy and proud to work alongside Call2Recycle to keep consumer batteries out of landfills. 

From Acer’s perspective, what benefits are provided by Call2Recycle?

Call2Recycle’s convenient collection partner system is one of the program’s value-ads. Another benefit is the institutional and industry knowledge that the organization brings to the table. With the everchanging battery landscape, Call2Recycle stays on-top of issues and serves as great resource for our company. As a steward, this gives us continued confidence in our partnership and fuels our battery recycling efforts.  

How does your partnership with Call2Recycle support Acer’s stewardship goals?

Acer’s strategy for corporate social responsibility is aligned with the company’s three core beliefs: Value Creation, Balance of Interests and Sustainability Development. Acer has made significant effort to support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) when prioritizing its own environmental stewardship goals. Call2Recycle supports Acer in achieving SDG Goal #12: Responsible Consumption and Production. 

Over the last 13 years, Call2Recycle has proved to be a valuable partner in a variety of ways. Those instances include assisting Acer with legal and ecolabel standards compliance, along with providing guidance on logistics-related matters and projects tied to closed loop battery transportation and recycling. We’re proud to support the responsible recycling of consumer batteries! 

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