Call2Recycle Steward Spotlight: GS Battery


Why did GS begin working with Call2Recycle?

In 2012, GS Battery actively sought a new program to meet the company’s corporate social responsibility goals, specifically seeking out recycling opportunities. Call2Recycle’s stewardship program offered a framework that aligned well with GS Battery’s recycling and reporting requirements, making for a strong partnership and path to positively impact the environment. 

From GS’s perspective, what benefits are provided by Call2Recycle?

Call2Recycle supports GS Battery in our commitment to keep used batteries out of the trash, recycling them to prevent harmful chemicals from entering the waste stream, ultimately reducing the need to mine for new materials. Additionally, Call2Recycle provides state recycling reports, allowing GS Battery to concentrate on core business activities while reporting on green efforts.

How does your partnership with Call2Recycling support GS’s battery stewardship or sustainability goals? 

GS Battery’s parent company in Japan, GS Yuasa Corporation, emphasizes the importance of minimizing the impact of our products on the environment. This includes providing our customers with a way to responsibly recycle our batteries once they reach their end-of-life.  Call2Recycle’s recycling stamp is on all GSB’s small sealed lead acid batteries with a phone number to direct individuals to an appropriate battery recycling location. This keeps our batteries out of landfills and sends them to an approved drop-off site, creating a win-win.

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