Call2Recycle Steward Spotlight: Milwaukee

Milwaukee Electric Tool Company 
Mark Hickok, Director of Product Safety and Regulatory Compliance


1.) Why did Milwaukee Tool begin working with Call2Recycle?

As part of our commitment to customers and the environment, Milwaukee Tool wanted to find a way to responsibly manage the batteries we place in the market. We needed to work with an organization that not only shared our vision but had a proven track record of responsible battery recycling. Call2Recycle met our criteria and in 2004, we formed our official partnership. To date, we’ve recycled more than one million pounds of batteries. 

2.) From Milwaukee Tool’s perspective, what benefits are provided by Call2Recycle?

The Call2Recycle program gives Milwaukee Tool customers the ability to recycle their batteries at a location that is most convenient for them while having confidence that the battery will be handled properly. The participation data provided by Call2Recycle offers helpful insight into how our batteries are being recycled and opportunities to work on collections. This remains an ongoing priority and focus for our sustainability efforts. 

3.) How does your partnership with Call2Recycle support Milwaukee Tool’s stewardship goals?

Milwaukee Tool and many of its distribution partners recognize the importance of sustainable practices. Participation in the Call2Recycle program is an impactful way for Milwaukee Tool to demonstrate our leadership as an environmental steward. We actively encourage our partners to support this effort by providing collection boxes and informative materials at their locations. Together, we’re all working to make a positive impact on the planet and provide a value-add for our customers. 

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