Call2Recycle Supports Retailers in Meeting New York State

At no cost to retailers, Call2Recycle’s program offers a turnkey solution for collecting and recycling used rechargeable batteries

NEW YORK (June 6, 2011) – Call2Recycle®, the only free rechargeable battery and cellphone collection program in North America, today announced its support for New York State’s retailers seeking to comply with requirements of the statewide battery take-back law. The New York State Rechargeable Battery Law requires retailers to take back rechargeable batteries as of June 8th so that they can be recycled through a manufacturer-funded program.

“Because the program is modeled on the voluntary Call2Recycle program that has operated in New York since 1994, we are already serving many retailers across the state,” said Carl Smith, CEO of Call2Recycle. “We are fully prepared to help all New York retailers respond to this mandate and keep rechargeable batteries out of the state’s landfills.”

The law requires manufacturers to arrange for and finance the recycling of consumer rechargeable batteries collected by retailers. Retailers that sell rechargeable batteries are required to post signage in their stores to advise its customers of their participation in the program and the requirement to recycle batteries.

The law adds rechargeable batteries to a growing list of products that New York residents can return to retailers at the end of their useful life. Used plastics bags, lead-acid batteries and most beverage containers can already be returned through retailers for proper management after use.

Call2Recycle assists retailers by providing them postage-paid collection boxes and signage and then coordinates the shipment of batteries from their site to sorting and recycling facilities. The program is entirely free to retailers and consumers. Metals recovered from recycled batteries are used for new batteries and stainless steel products. None of the broken-down material makes its way into landfills. Since its inception in 1994, Call2Recycle has diverted over 60 million pounds of rechargeable batteries from landfills.

Retailers interested in participating in the Call2Recycle program enroll by contacting Call2Recycle at 1-877-723-1297 or our Customer Service Team.

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