Call2Recycle Wraps 2011 Recycling Web Series

Austin Resource Recovery – the road to Zero Waste

ATLANTA (December 8, 2011) The final installment in the “Lessons from the Experts” series features Call2Recycle® and Austin Resource Recovery (a City of Austin service) discussing extended producer responsibility (EPR) and hazardous waste recycling efforts and how the City of Austin is effectively and responsibly handling end-of-life product management.

Call2Recycle, the only free battery and cellphone collection program in North America, is hosting a complimentary webinar series that will discuss issues critical to EPR and recycling programs within municipalities across the U.S.. This is the third and final webinar in the 2011 series.

“The Lone Star State Shines: Achieving City of Austin’s Zero Waste Goal through EPR and Recycling” will be held on December 15, 2011 at 11am CT (12pm ET) spotlighting the recycling efforts of Austin Resource Recovery. The City of Austin’s mission is to achieve Zero Waste by providing excellence in customer services that promote waste reduction, increase resource recovery, and support the City of Austin’s long-term sustainability efforts. In addition to a discussion about their successful recycling programs and services, including battery recycling, the webinar will educate participants on issues critical to product stewardship from the municipality’s point of view.

“With the advent of Zero Waste, material collected is now seen as a resource that is recovered for a second life, rather than waste destined for a landfill,” said Bob Gedert, Austin Resource Recovery Director. “Austin strives to be a Zero Waste leader in the transformation from traditional integrated waste collection to sustainable resource recovery.”

Austin Resource Recovery provides comprehensive services that encourage recycling and their Zero Waste goal is to reduce the amount of waste Austinites send to the landfill by 90 percent by the year 2040.

“Call2Recycle is proud to partner with Austin Resource Recovery to offer an easy and convenient way for residents to recycle their batteries at no cost,” said Tim Warren, regional account manager for Call2Recycle. “The City of Austin has been a leader in recycling innovation for years and we are happy to play a role in their recycling and sustainability efforts.”

In this webinar, attendees will learn:

  • How Austin Resource Recovery provides services to its customers and empowers the community to work toward Zero Waste
  • More about citywide programs and outreach services that are making recycling “user-friendly” in Austin
  • How partnering with Call2Recycle offers benefits for municipalities

Join Austin Resource Recovery and Call2Recycle for this webinar on December 15, 2011.Register today or find out about previous webinars at

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