Collection Spotlight: Elk Grove

The City of Elk Grove

Carlos Duque, Environmental Specialist 


1.) Tell us about your program and how Call2Recycle supports your mission.

Since 2007, The City of Elk Grove has partnered with Call2Recycle to promote environmental stewardship to its residents. Through the program, we’ve recycled nearly 20,000 pounds of batteries. We’ve found the program to be the most convenient and cost-effective way to ensure residents’ batteries and cellphones are safely and securely recycled. These efforts have helped to provide a convenient way for our community to practice sustainability, which was enhanced with the opening in 2014 of The City of Elk Grove’s Special Waste Collection Center (SWCC). To date, that facility has serviced nearly 77,000 customers and helped divert approximately 3.4 million pounds of hazardous, electronic and universal waste from landfills.

2.) From your perspective, what are the benefits provided by Call2Recycle? 

The custom approach provided by Call2Recycle offers flexible solutions for collecting and recycling batteries and cellphones with convenient methods to address even the most volatile recycling needs, such as swollen or damaged rechargeable batteries. The program also ensures the reduction of hazardous waste in compliance within state requirements. The program makes the collecting, shipping and overall process a breeze.

3. How does your partnership with Call2Recycle enhance your program? 

The Call2Recycle program allows us to spend less time determining appropriate packaging, transportation and disposal options and more time focusing on education, outreach and serving our residents to increase the amount of batteries and cellphones that are recycled. The program provides a variety of support materials and has customer service ready to assist every step along the way. The Call2Recycle team is invaluable throughout the entire process. The monthly and annual reports provided by Call2Recycle allow us to easily see the results of our combined efforts. The user‐friendly data is easy to read and incorporate into our own reporting. This program is a key aspect of the HHW services we provide to our residents and businesses.

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