Recycle Your Batteries with Care and Confidence

As the official rechargeable and primary battery stewardship program in Washington D.C., Call2Recycle offers safe and convenient battery recycling services for rechargeable batteries.

Making a positive impact on the planet is easier than ever with Call2Recycle. With drop-off locations available across the state, Call2Recycle provides an accessible way to recycle your old batteries. Recycling batteries can prevent potentially hazardous materials from entering the waste stream, protect against fires caused by trashed batteries and conserve natural resources.

Recycle Your Batteries

Drop off your rechargeable and primary batteries for recycling at convenient locations across your state. MORE

Become a Collection Partner

Join hundreds of other retailers, municipalities and businesses and begin collecting batteries at your location(s). MORE

Become a Steward

If you manufacture, distribute/sell, or import rechargeable or primary batteries in Washington D.C. you may have steward obligations. MORE