Get involved with the first U.S. industry-wide, voluntary e-bike battery recycling program

More than 12 million electric bicycles (e-bikes) are estimated to be sold in the United States between 2020 and 2030. That’s 12 million batteries used to power those e-bikes that will need to be safely and responsibly collected and recycled at their end-of-life.

To ensure those batteries are safely and responsibly handled and kept out of landfills, more than 40 bike industry leaders from 20 PeopleForBikes member companies united under a sustainability task force and electric bicycle committee to design an industry-leading e-bike battery recycling program in collaboration with Call2Recycle.

E-Bike Manufacturers or Brand Owners

Through manufacturers’ support, Call2Recycle, endorsed by PeopleForBikes, is administering the e-bike battery collection and recycling program, including providing recycling kits, transportation and logistics, safety materials, and rider education.

The following brands are participating in the program:

If you are an e-bike brand owner and/or importer, contact Call2Recycle’s E-Bike ProgramTeam at
[email protected].

E-Bike Retailers

Participating in an e-bike battery recycling program is good for you, your customers, and the environment.

As an e-bike retailer, you can now register free-of-charge with Call2Recycle to have your location serve as an e-bike battery collection site. Once enrolled, your location will be mapped out on both Call2Recycle’s and PeopleForBikes’ websites, allowing riders to easily and conveniently drop-off their e-bike battery for recycling.

Call2Recycle will provide retailers with safe battery handling and preparation training, recycling kits for end-of-life and damaged/defective batteries, safety materials, and arrange for the collection, transportation, and recycling of the e-bike batteries.

E-Bike Riders

Buy > Ride > Return > Recycle

One day, your e-bike battery will reach its end of life. When that time comes, that battery needs to be specially handled to keep the environment, people, and property safe. It should not be put in a trash or recycling bin.

Through this industry-supported program, you can ensure your batteries are safely and responsibly recycled.

Have an e-bike battery to recycle?
Find a drop off location here.

If there are no locations immediately available near you, please be patient as we continue to build a national collection network.