e-StewardsCall2Recycle® is the first battery recycling program to be recognized as an e-Stewards, by the Basel Action Network (BAN), for ensuring that the battery and electronic waste (e-waste) that our program collects and recycles is not dumped in developing countries, local landfills or incinerators. We joined many other responsible e-Stewards’ recyclers to adhere to the strictest social and environmental standards.

According to BAN, only 12.5 percent of discarded electronics products in the U.S. were collected for recycling in 2005, of which an estimated 80 percent was exported to poorer countries for dismantling. This knowledge drives Call2Recycle to be as responsible as possible when recycling batteries, striving for third-party certification of our performance, complying with regulations and choosing not to contribute to the growing e-waste crisis.

About BAN’s e-Stewards Initiative

Due to growing concerns of e-waste problems, BAN, a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization based in Seattle, Washington, initiated the e-Stewards program. It is an independent, third-party e-waste auditing and certification for businesses and organizations that voluntarily have their waste management programs audited and agree to withhold highest social and environmental standards. The pledged and certified e-Stewards are working to prevent toxic materials in electronics from harming human’s health and the environment, especially in developing countries.