4 Ways to You Can Promote Battery Recycling on Earth Day


Are you celebrating Earth Day on April 22 or Earth Month in your community, at your job or at your business? Call2Recycle’s #LeadtheCharge campaign offers a variety of educational materials to inspire everyone to perform an act of green and recycle their batteries.  Here are four ways anyone can get involved:


1. Download and customize #LeadtheCharge campaign materials (Click here for Canadian-specific materials.)

2. Use #Call2Recycle or @Call2Recycle in your social media streams, web sites, newsletters and other content to inspire your audience to share their #actofgreen on Earth Day.

  • Link to the Call2Recycle drop-off site locator
  • Promote the for identifying and sorting batteries
  • Show how batteries are recycled in this infographic


3. Email us your event information to post on Twitter and Facebook or use the hashtag #Call2Recycle so we can amplify your message. This information is helpful to send us for a post:

  • Twitter Handle/Facebook handle
  • Event name/company name
  • A very short description
  • Location
  • Date/time (optional)
  • Who’s invited to participate (optional)
  • Online URL or where to find more information (optional)
  • Contact info if we have any questions

4. Share your Earth Day success!  Share your photos and event collection results using #Call2Recycle (or via email) and we’ll share it on Twitter (@Call2Recycle) and Facebook. We’ll also highlight the results in an upcoming newsletter.