Call2Recycle Statement in Support of the EnergyStar Program

Call2Recycle supports the EnergyStar program, a popular and voluntary program that provides value for consumers, businesses, and the environment. Since 1992, the EnergyStar program has helped businesses and families save $430 billion and reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 2.7 billion metric tons.

We understand there is a lot of information out there on how to be responsible stewards of the environment. Consumers and businesses and industries have employed many different ways to preserve our environment, from saving energy to minimizing the impact on natural resources to recycling.

For more than two decades, Call2Recycle has provided a convenient, easy way for consumers and businesses to be eco-friendly and recycle their batteries. This keeps the batteries out of the landfill and ensures the recycled materials are repurposed into new products.

The EnergyStar program, widely recognized and used to make responsible purchasing decisions, also contributes to protecting our environment by helping millions of Americans choose energy-efficient products. Call2Recycle believes that the combined efforts of many U.S. organizations, whether government, business, industry or the media, help sustain the U.S.’s strong environmental commitment as a nation.

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