Battery Management for the E-Waste Industry

SustainabilityStory_EWasteAlthough batteries may not be the primary material in your waste stream, they are integral of most products you manage – and they, too, should be handled appropriately. Are you confident that your customers’ batteries aren’t being inadvertently shipped overseas?

With support from over 200 industry stewards, Call2Recycle® is the premier battery recycling service provider to hundreds of electronic waste service companies in North America. As one of the most experienced and successful battery stewardship programs, environmental commitment has been at the core of our mission since 1994. Our unbeatable approach allows us to manage your batteries responsibly and seamlessly, while lessening the burden on you and your customers. And, we do it for you at no cost.

    • Responsible Recycling: Call2Recycle adheres to the most stringent collection and recycling standards, with all materials being managed in North America


    • Environmental, Health and Safety Management System: From performance standards for our sorting and recycling partners to our extensive compliance package, we support all your audit requirements


    • Transparent Reporting: Through a unique tracking system, Call2Recycle offers comprehensive reporting and certificates of recycling


  • Convenient Recycling Solutions: We will work with you to determine which program option – pre-paid collection boxes or bulk shipping — best meets your needs

You’ve committed to your customers that their waste electronics are managed responsibly in a cost-effective, yet safe and compliant, manner. And, when it comes to batteries, it’s no exception.

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