Flame Retardant Box Liner

Increase Battery Safety. Reduce Risks.


The safety of consumers, collection sites, transporters, sorter and processors remains a top priority for Call2Recycle.  To advance its commitment to safety, Call2Recycle is introducing its flame retardant box liner.

This innovation offers an additional layer of protection in the prevention of a thermal event during the battery journey – from collection to transportation to sorting and processing.  When used in conjunction with Call2Recycle’s program and regulatory terminal protection guidelines, the liner helps prevent flames escaping from the battery box in the event of a thermal runaway.

Features & Benefits


No additional set-up: the liner comes affixed to the inside of the collection box

Third-party tested: underwent extensive testing by an independent laboratory

Heat limit: withstood up to 1,100 degrees Fahrenheit

Containment: prevents flames & heat from spreading outside the shipping container

Recyclable: polyester material manufactured from used plastic bottles

Reusable: liners will be removed at sorter and processor locations and reused in the distribution of new boxes.  When quality has diminished, they will be recycled.


Instructional Video: How to Build a Box w/ Liner