Hennepin County Environmental Services Presented Regional Recycling Leadership Award by RBRC

County Recognized for Achievements in Rechargeable Battery Recycling

ATLANTA, April 23, 2008 – The Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation (RBRC), a nonprofit, public service organization dedicated to recycling used rechargeable batteries, has awarded the Hennepin County Environmental Services with a 2007 “Regional Recycling Leadership Award” for its efforts in rechargeable battery recycling. The award was presented to Carl Michaud, Director, Hennepin County Department of Environmental Services, on April 22 at the Hennepin County Board meeting.

As RBRC’s largest community collection program, Hennepin County Environmental Services has been an important driver in rechargeable battery recycling in Minnesota, collecting more than 165,000 pounds of rechargeable batteries since 1994. With more than 22,000 pounds collected in 2006 alone, the efforts of this community are largely successful due to an extensive public outreach and education campaign.

“Our involvement in the Call2Recycle program has been a simple and effective way to get the community on-board with rechargeable battery recycling. We hope this demonstrates to other communities the positive effects of this program and that recycling rechargeable batteries is a simple, yet important, way to protect the environment,” said Carl Michaud, Director, Hennepin County Department of Environmental Services.

Hennepin County provides battery collection opportunities through county collection sites, curbside collection in the city of Minneapolis, two year-round permanent collection facilities, local Call2RecycleTM collection sites and various event collection opportunities. Call2Recycle is the most comprehensive cellphone and rechargeable battery recycling solution nationwide, providing a convenient way to collect and recycle old cellphones and used rechargeable batteries found in cordless electronic products, such as laptop computers, cordless power tools, two-way radios, cordless and cellular phones, digital cameras and camcorders.

“Year after year, Hennepin County has experienced continued success in recycling rechargeable batteries in the Minneapolis area,” said Linda Gabor, Director of Marketing and Media Relations, RBRC. “The exemplary effort put forth by the county to promote recycling rechargeable batteries, educate consumers and make the recycling process accessible to everyone is admirable.”

The RBRC Recycling Leadership Awards recognizes outstanding Call2Recycle participants each year for their exceptional efforts in rechargeable battery recycling. The awards are divided into regional and national categories with four U.S. regional award winners and two national award winners – one from the U.S. and one from Canada.

RBRC’s Call2Recycle program is available to communities and public agencies without any associated fees. There are currently more than 6,000 communities and public agencies enrolled in the program in the U.S. and Canada. For more information on implementing a recycling program, contact RBRC toll free at 877-2-RECYCLE or visit www.call2recycle.org.

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About Call2Recycle®
Call2Recycle is the industry’s first and only product stewardship program for rechargeable batteries. The nonprofit program is administered by the Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation (RBRC), a public service organization dedicated to rechargeable battery recycling. There are more than 30,000 Call2Recycle drop-off locations throughout the U.S. and Canada. More than 175 manufacturers and marketers of portable rechargeable batteries and products show their commitment to conserve natural resources and prevent rechargeable batteries from entering the solid waste stream by funding the Call2Recycle program. In pursuit of its mission, Call2Recycle also collects old cellphones, which are either recycled or refurbished and resold when possible with a portion of the proceeds benefiting select charities. For more information, call 877-2-RECYCLE or visit www.call2recycle.org.

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