National Battery Day Social Media



  • Help lead the charge in celebration of National Battery Day (February 18th) by collecting and recycling your old batteries all month long! #NationalBatteryDay
  • Got batteries? Like recycling? Then you’ll love National Battery Day! As North America’s largest consumer battery stewardship organization, help Call2Recycle lead the charge for National Battery Day on February 18th! #leadthecharge
  • Spring Cleaning is around the corner! Get a head start on cleaning out junk drawers and recycling old batteries on #NationalBatteryDay! Join the movement and make a difference on February 18th #ChargeUp2018
  • February 18th is National Battery Day! Help lead the charge by recycling your batteries at convenient @Call2Recycle drop-off locations nationwide! #ChargeUp2018 #NationalBatteryDay
  • Today is National Battery Day! Get involved by safely collecting, preparing and dropping your old batteries at a recycling collection site near you: #leadthecharge
  • Missed National Battery Day? No worries – you can #leadthecharge all year-round
  • True or False: you can recycle batteries? True! Learn more about how you can #leadthecharge by finding a drop-off site near you.



  • February 18th marks #NationalBatteryDay with @Call2Recycle. Join us & recycle your batteries:  #ChargeUp2018
  • Battery recycling is easy! Help lead the charge on #NationalBatteryDay this February by recycling w/Call2Recycle #leadthecharge
  • Participate in #ChargeUp2018 by recycling your batteries during your next shopping trip at a @Call2Recycle drop-off site:
  • Landfills = not cool. Recycling = cool! Join us on Feb. 18th and #recycle your old batteries in honor of #NationalBatteryDay:
  • Celebrate #NationalBatteryDay on Feb. 18th! Recycle your batteries at a @Call2Recycle collection site:  #ChargeUp2018
  • Miss #NationalBatteryDay? Good news – you can #leadthecharge year-round
  • Got batteries? Like recycling and the planet? Help #leadthecharge and recycle old batteries
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