Everything Old Is New Again…Energizer Creates New Line of Batteries Made With 4% Recycled Battery Content

Energizer_batteries_ecoadvanced_cuponBattery experts have long believed it was impossible to create a new battery made with recycled battery material while maintaining performance. That was true…until now, a recent breakthrough has proven otherwise. Earlier this month, Energizer released a new line of AA batteries, called Energizer® EcoAdvanced™, that are made with four percent post-consumer battery content. This innovation, that took scientists seven years, proves that high-performance batteries can be made through a more sustainable, closed loop process – taking a portion of depleted used batteries and making them into new, long-lasting batteries.

This serves as the first step in creating value for recycled battery materials, which until recently had little economic value. This value creation enables expansion of processing capacity – which has been a bottleneck. In addition, recycling technology has now reached a stage where higher quantity and quality of the battery materials help offset the environmental impact of collecting, shipping, sorting and processing used batteries, opening new possibilities for battery collection and recycling.

We are truly enthusiastic about Energizer’s new product line, and believe that it could trigger positive consumer recycling behavior,” said Carl Smith, CEO & president of Call2Recycle, Inc., Energizer’s stewardship partner.  “Using a portion of old, post-consumer batteries helps paint a clearer picture for consumers on the importance of recycling in order to reuse the resources used to manufacture these new batteries.”

Committed to responsible battery recycling, Energizer is a proud industry steward and participating collection partner of Call2Recycle.

Visit www.energizer.com/ecoadvanced to learn more about Energizer® EcoAdvanced™.

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