Your solution for recycling mixed batteries

OneDrum™ is a turnkey all-in-one battery recycling solution that allows the placement and transportation of large volumes of consumer single-use AND rechargeable batteries in one drum without sorting by chemistry, individually bagging or taping any battery terminals.

OneDrum features CellBlockEX®, the environmentally friendly, mineral-based fire protection agent sourced from recycled glass, manufactured by CellBlockFCS.

Benefits of OneDrum

Saves time

  • No bagging or taping battery terminals
  • No sorting each battery by chemistry
  • Up to 80% reduction in time spent to prepare large volumes of mixed batteries

Reduces storage footprint

  • Eliminates the need to store batteries in separate containers, freeing up precious space


  • Utilizes CellBlockEX, a proven fire/heat/smoke suppresant and containment system
  • Batteries can be processed faster, spending less time at your location, which reduces the chances for thermal runaway

How OneDrum Works

Call2Recycle has teamed up with ERI to separate batteries collected in OneDrum. The batteries will arrive at ERI facilities where the batteries will be separated from the CellBlockEX, sorted by chemistry, and sent to Call2Recycle’s network of approved battery processors.