Our Top Most Frequently Asked Customer Service Questions

Our Customer Service Team receive a wide variety of questions and emails, but the most popular can be boiled down to just 16. Are you a savvy collection site? Put your Call2Recycle IQ to the test!

box_with_tapeHow do I ship a box?
Your ready-to-ship collection kit comes with a pre-paid return shipping label already attached. Your first step is to make sure the box contains the proper type of batteries and the appropriate batteries have been taped or bagged.  Each box comes with a set of guidelines that walks you through which batteries need terminal protection. Then tape up the box as shown here.

  • US: Add your full box to your daily UPS or FedEx pick up.
  • Canada: Leave the box with your Purolater pick up at your site.

If you do not have regularly scheduled visits from UPS, please contact Customer Service before you call for a pick up.

Do I need a Call2Recycle Collection Kit to collect batteries?

You can use any cardboard or plastic box to collect batteries, as long as it is properly labeled, stored, and vented per EPA’s guidelines, as well as shipped according to the US DOT regulations. However, you need the Call2Recycle box to ship your batteries because it meets US DOT and Transport Canada transportation requirements for shipping batteries. Even more importantly, the Call2Recycle box has the correct shipping address and the tracking information we need to automatically send a replacement kit when your inventory is low, as well as your certificate of recycling specific to your site.

I need more Collection Kits. What do I do?

Most organizations will automatically receive a new collection kit after a box arrives at our recycling facility. If you didn’t set up this service or want to increase the number of boxes you receive from us, contact Customer Service. If you are getting low on collection boxes or bags, you can also submit a collection kit re-order form. Once ordered, you should receive new supplies within 2-5 business days.

I shipped a box for recycling but I haven’t received my replacement? Where is it?

We track all Call2Recycle collection boxes. It usually takes a few days for us to receive your shipment. Once we receive the box, we will send you a new Collection Kit immediately. Please be aware that there is a short delay between the time we receive your shipment and when deliver your new boxes. Therefore, rest assured, boxes are on the way!

Why do we have to tape the battery terminals before we ship them?

In the US: The US DOT requires the bagging or taping of certain battery terminals prior to transportation. Under a new special DOT permit, US collection sites no longer need to tape or bag dry-cell Nickel Cadmium (Ni-Cd) or Nickel Metal Hydride (Ni-MH) rechargeable batteries under 9V or alkaline batteries that inadvertently end up in the box. You have a choice of bagging or taping the terminals of all other batteries. A hint: If you run out of bags, you can use clear plastic bags, such as newspaper or produce bags. Alternatively, you can use duct or non-conductive electrical tape the terminals. Do not cover the brand name or chemistry of the battery. If you live in Vermont, which began recycling both rechargeable and single-use batteries on Jan. 1, 2016, click here for more information.

Canada: Transport Canada requires the bagging or taping of certain battery terminals prior to shipment. This includes lithium primary, Lithium Ion (Li-ion) and small seated lead acid (SSLA/Pb). Other types do not need to be taped or bagged. A hint: If you run out of bags, you can use clear plastic bags, such as newspaper or produce bags. Alternatively, you can use duct or non-conductive electrical tape to protect the battery terminals. As much as possible, do not cover the brand name or chemistry of the battery.

What kind of tape do I need to tape the battery terminals with? What happens if you don’t tape your battery terminals?

You can use either duct tape or non-conductive electrical tape, if you run out of bags. Please try to avoid masking the inscriptions on the materials recycled. Federal regulations require you to protect battery terminals before you place them into a box for recycling for one simple reason–safety. By taping or bagging each battery, you prevent the terminals from coming into contact with other terminals, batteries, or metal objects, which can cause a short circuit, and, in some cases, a fire. Avoiding these hazards is a top priority.

Why aren’t we listed on the Call2Recycle web site locator anymore?

Call2Recycle continually updates its recycling locator to ensure that active locations are listed. To help guarantee that we keep only active locations listed the site will only list locations that have shipped a box or pallet within six months. This allows to make sure that the consumers’ used batteries and cellphones are properly recycled on time.

How do I add another location?

Adding a new collection site is easy. Just contact Customer Service. Collection kits can be shipped directly to the new location or to a central location for distribution. We also offer a bulk shipping option for high-volume sites.

Can I have the Collection Kits shipped directly to one of our locations or should they be delivered to the central contact?

This varies depending on how many locations you have. Some locations may borrow boxes from each other. When that happens, replacement kits may be shipped to the wrong location because each box has tracking information. We prefer to have a central location set up and distribute kits so that we can make sure replacements are sent to the appropriate location. Whatever the situation, call and talk to us about your needs. We want to set up your program so that it works efficiently and effectively for you.

We just moved. What do we need to do?

We will appreciate if you can please notify us that you are going to move or that you have moved so that we ship the replacement kits to the correct address. Shipping boxes to the incorrect address will result in wasted resources and it will increase our carbon footprint. Most importantly, you are left without the boxes you need!

Who am I talking to at Customer Service? 

Customer Service is a group within Call2Recycle. Our teams sit in our corporate offices in Atlanta and Montreal with the rest of the Call2Recycle team. Because we are all in the same offices, we have access to the information we need to resolve your issue quickly.

We always run out of bags. Can I get more? Can I use my own bags?

If you need more bags in your Collection Kit, please contact our Customer Service Team so that we can increase the amount of bags included in your shipments. You can also use clear plastic bags (such as produce bags from the grocery store or the bags newspapers are delivered in). Reusing these bags is a great way to recycle other household waste.

How do I get a Collection Kit for someone who wants to participate?

Any organization can request to be a collection site as long as enough batteries can be generated to balance the footprint of shipping boxes. One of the questions we will ask is how many batteries you think you will recycle in the next six months. If it’s under 50 lbs. (22.7 kg), we may ask you to consider using a local drop-off location instead.  Eighty eight percent of North American consumers live within 10 miles (15 km) of a drop-off site. Using those sites instead can not only help recycle the batteries faster, but it also allows us to combine shipments and keep our carbon footprint as small as possible.

I like that a courier picks up my Call2Recycle boxes. Why can’t they give me replacement kits? 

Our couriers are contracted to pick up our collections boxes and transport them for recycling. They don’t stock or distribute boxes because they aren’t part of Call2Recycle. Contact Customer Service if you have questions about the delivery of your kits.

I shipped you 3 boxes, but only received one replacement Collection Kit. Why?

In order to maximize space used for the delivery of boxes and speed up the shipment process Call2Recycle recently launched a box-in-a-box program in Canada and starting January it will launch in most US locations (except major retailers). We are shipping two boxes at one time, so be sure to check inside any boxes you receive for a second box.

If that isn’t the issue, you may want to check your replenishment point, which we established when your location enrolled in our program. Once you reach that point, that pre-set number of boxes is sent. You can adjust your replenishment point at any time by contacting Customer Service.

Visit the Call2Recycle FAQ section to find more questions and answers about our program. You can contact our Customer Service Team at:

  • US: 877.723.1297 email
  • Canada: 1.888.224.9764 email
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