55-Gallon Unlined Kit – High Energy Batteries


Safely and compliantly recycle multiple damaged/defective lithium-ion battery OVER 300-watt hours (ie., batteries powering E-Bikes, E-Scooters, Outdoor Power Equipment, etc.).

Features include:

  • 55-Gallon Packing Group I drum with CellBlockEX
  • Ships as a fully regulated, hazmat.
  • Shipping and recycling included

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Weight Capacity

Each drum is permitted to hold up to 132 lbs. of damaged, defective or recalled lithium ion batteries.

Accepted Materials

Damaged, defective or recalled (DDR) lithium ion batteries or lithium ion batteries over 300 Watt hours.

Included Supplies

  • UN Rated drum(s), lid(s), liner(s), and pallet
  • Battery bags
  • Applicable labels
  • Premeasured bags of CellBlockEX loose-fill
  • Instructions