CellBlockEX Fire Suppressant


Safely store or transport batteries using CellBlockEX, an environmentally friendly packaging filler and fire-suppression material made from 100% recycled glass. Due to its versatility, CellBlockEX can be used for safe battery handling, storage and shipment. In the event of a thermal event, this material can be used as extinguishing agent. Features include:

  • Suitable for class A, B, D and K fire loads, i.e. metal fires, lithium-ion battery fires and combustible liquids
  • Displaces oxygen, absorbs energy and suffocates the fire, creating an impervious silicate shell around the fire load
  • Low dust content; extinguishes flames without the mess or dangers typically associated with water, vermiculite, pumice or sand
  • Unaffected by heat, moisture and chemicals
  • Binds liquids, gases and vapors, absorbing approximately 200% of its own weight

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Bag Dimensions

Volume: 55 liters per bag
Weight: approximately 25 lbs. per bag
Dimensions: 31 × 16 × 8 in. per bag

Super Sack Dimensions

Volume: 1.4 cubic meters
Weight: approximately 625 pounds
Pallet dimensions: 48″ x 40″ inches

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