Poraver Extover Fire Suppressant


By covering the fire load with Extover®, oxygen is suppressed and separated from the combustible material.  Extover® melts like glass after a certain temperature.  In the process, the granules absorb a lot of heat in the form of meting energy, thus cooling off the fire, and at the same time forming an impermeable shell around the fire load.  This effectively prevents a reaction with oxygen.  The special granulate mixture combined with the porous and therefore especially large grain surface effectively binds liquids.  Just like liquids, gases and vapors accumulate on the extremely large surface of the Extover® granulate and ar bound for disposal.

  • No extinguishing water damage
  • Displaces oxygen and suffocates the fire
  • Prevents re-flaming
  • Absorbs thermal energy and prevents it from expanding
  • Vapor and fumes accumulate on the grain surface and are bound for disposal
  • Absorbing fluids (e.g. electrolyte)


Bag Dimensions
Volume: 55 liters per bag
Weight: approximately 25 lbs. per bag