Storage and Transport Drums

Store and transport batteries with confidence. A variety of robust and durable drums are offered for the safe storage and/or transportation of lithium-ion batteries and devices containing them.

CellBlock FCS steel drums are a safe and compliant option for transporting lithium-ion batteries when packaged with CellBlockEX. Features include:

  • Access to DOT Special Permit 20549 for transporting large quantities of damaged, defective or recalled (DDR) lithium-ion batteries, providing relief from standard shipping and training requirements
  • Innovative drums are lined with CellBlockEX granules in the perimeter and base to filter heat, smoke and fumes
  • UN-rated to Packing Group I
  • Includes lid with pressure vents
  • Available in 4 sizes (55 gallon, 30 gallon, 20 gallon and 16 gallon)
  • Reusable
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