Call2Recycle Safety Program: What to Watch for In 2017

Call2Recycle Safety Program: What to Watch for In 2017

Call2Recycle is committed to taking its safety program to the next level during the year of 2017.  As the volume of batteries being recycled increases, we want to do everything we can to prevent safety hazards that can occur during collecting, packaging, transporting and sorting used batteries.

What does this mean for you as a collection site or sorter/processor? In anticipation of our focus on safety, we want to share what you can expect in the coming months. Our first step will be communicating with collection sites about their safety responsibilities, including formalizing proper safety procedures and expectations for site accountability. Our goal is to ensure that every collection site understands, promotes and adheres to proper safety procedures.

To assist in this endeavor, we will be posting educational materials in a new safety area on the Call2Recycle web site, including new training materials such as quick reference posters and a video. Watch for additional communications in upcoming newsletters and from your customer service and account representatives.

We will also be launching a formal initiative to reinforce and improve safety standards with sorters and processors. This includes proactively correcting battery handling, new reporting requirements and enhanced training programs.

During Q2-Q4, we will launch phase two of our safety program–a formal safety incident policy for collection sites. This policy will outline procedures for identifying safety incidents and applying penalties, including rules for suspension, will be exploring other avenues for safety improvement including analyzing container alternatives to the current box and new shipping methods; initiating conversations with transportation agencies, transporters/carriers as well as key opinion leaders; rewarding collection sites for their safety performance; and incorporating safety program training into internal performance assessments.

Safety is a shared responsibility and requires the contribution of anyone who touches a battery during the collection and recycling process. We invite you to join our safety conversation by submitting your questions and suggestions via Customer Service at 877-723-1297 (US) or 888-224-9764 (Canada).

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