Creative Assets

Call2Recycle offers a range of materials to elevate your communication efforts. Below are several files accessible from our exclusive steward-only portal that you can utilize to show your partnership with Call2Recycle’s Steward program and convert your commitment to responsible battery management.


Available by chemistry and in multiple file types. Please refer to the Seal Usage Guidelines for displaying the Seal.


Public Education & Awareness

Call2Recycle offers a variety of tools to help raise public awareness about battery recycling. Download and use these materials in your customer-facing messaging, on your website, and social media channels.

Promote National Battery Day

Avoid the Spark Safety Campaign

Steward Badge

Download the 2023 Call2Recycle Steward Badge to demonstrate that your company is an engaged steward supporting responsible battery management.

New York Requirements

In New York, those selling rechargeable batteries or products containing such batteries in the state through retail (at their place of business) and/or non-retail outlets (catalogs, mail, telephone, or online), must provide at the time of purchase a notice to the consumer about recycling opportunities. To meet this requirement, Call2Recycle provides approved collection kits, messaging, and signage.

New York