Unprecedented Success: British Columbia, Manitoba and Quebec Municipalities Lead Canada's Battery Recycling Surge

Call2Recycle Canada Reports More than 328% Collection Increase in Mandated Provinces

TORONTO (November 14, 2013) — Canadian municipalities in British Columbia, Manitoba and Quebec have collected 625,000 kilograms of alkaline and rechargeable batteries so far this year via Call2Recycle®, North America’s first and largest battery stewardship program.  This benchmark represents an increase of more than 328% over the same time period in 2012. But the surge in collections is not limited to just government-mandated provincial programs: collections in all municipalities nationwide increased by more than 273%.

With battery recycling mandated in British Columbia, Manitoba and Quebec, collections have skyrocketed since these provinces named Call2Recycle as the official battery stewardship program. The organization, which has offices in Toronto, Vancouver and Quebec, increased collections from all channels in these three mandated provinces by 87% in 2013 alone.

The significant increase in collections is the result of a collaborative relationship between the municipalities and Call2Recycle. Collecting both alkaline and rechargeable batteries at all locations nationwide, the program offers almost 16 years of insights and industry best practices to help Canada’s provinces achieve their battery recycling goals. The no-cost recycling services, which are achieved through the funding of battery manufacturers, have been leveraged by the municipalities to further maximize the program for even greater environmental impact and streamlined consumer access.

“Working alongside municipalities and their service providers in British Columbia, Manitoba and Quebec, we have been able to increase collection efforts and battery recycling awareness in a fiscally and environmentally responsible manner,” stated Joe Zenobio, Executive Director for Call2Recycle Canada.  “These provinces have achieved unprecedented success, through the help of mandated recycling and the committed, concerted efforts of municipalities across Canada.”

Provinces without a battery recycling mandate have also successfully utilized Call2Recycle’s battery recycling program and have seen a 35% increase in collections since 2010.

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