Vermont Approves Call2recycle’s Five-year Primary Battery Stewardship Plan

Partnership will allow Vermonters to continue recycling primary batteries free of charge


Atlanta – February 18, 2021 – Call2Recycle®, the country’s first and largest non-profit consumer battery stewardship and recycling program, is pleased to announce their approval by the Vermont Agency of Natural Resources, Department of Environmental Conservation, for a five-year term as the stewardship organization for the Vermont primary (non-rechargeable) battery recycling program. The approved partnership will enable Vermonters to continue recycling their primary batteries free of charge.

Vermont established the nation’s first primary battery recycling program in 2015 with the signing of Act 139. In 2016, Call2Recycle became the state’s official partner providing collection, management and recycling of primary batteries. Since the program’s launch, Vermonters have recycled more than 450,000 pounds of primary batteries, mostly comprised of alkaline and lithium-primary chemistries.

As part of a sustainable economy, batteries are collected, sorted and processed by chemistry. The elemental metals in batteries are extracted and used in the manufacturing of new products, including asphalt, sunscreen and stainless steel products. Responsibly managing batteries at their end-of-life is not only good for the environment, but also keeps them out of the garbage where they can overheat or short circuit and cause fires that could endanger individuals and surrounding property.

“On behalf of the primary battery producers, Call2Recycle is proud to continue our partnership with Vermont and support their sustainability practice of responsible battery management,” said Leo Raudys, CEO & President of Call2Recycle, Inc. “Together with leaders like those in Vermont, we can create lasting change through reform, education and collective action.”

Thanks to the work of solid waste management districts, major retailers, and local hardware stores, 98% of Vermonters live within 10 miles of a public collection site. Accessibility remains a critical component of Vermont’s battery recycling success and the state currently has more than 230 battery collection sites.

“Today’s approval of a five-year stewardship plan with Call2Recycle renews the opportunity for Vermonters to continue to recycle batteries,” said Solid Waste Program Manager for the Vermont Agency of Natural Resources, Cathy Jamieson. “As the only state in the country where recycling is conveniently available for both primary and rechargeable batteries, we are leading the charge on eco-friendly practices that will impact future generations.”

With Vermonters purchasing more than 10 million batteries per year, the state is eager to expand its battery collection footprint across the state. Interested businesses or organizations are encouraged to contact Call2Recycle to enroll cost-free as a collection site, which includes training, materials, resources and shipping funded by the program’s battery stewards. To learn more about becoming a collection site, contact Northeast Regional Program Manager Sean Plasse at [email protected].

To recycle batteries in Vermont, visit Call2Recycle’s collection site locator. To learn more about the program, visit Vermont Agency of Natural Resources website.


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