Join the Vermont Battery Collection Challenge

Did you know that only 53% of Vermonters recycled their used batteries last year? We need your help to achieve 100% participation. What better way to go green then to join our inaugural Vermont Battery Collection Challenge!

Launched in partnership with Vermont’s solid waste districts and alliances, the challenge runs from September through December 31st with the goal of collecting enough used batteries to hit Vermont’s 2018 goal of 102,000 pounds. Vermont residents are invited to help their solid waste district or alliance compete against others to recycle the most batteries by volume. The winning district will be announced in January 2019 and receive a trophy along with bragging rights!

Ready to recycle? Search your junk drawers, basements and storage closets for used single-use, alkaline (i.e., AA, AAA, C, D, 9V) and rechargeable (i.e., laptop, cell phone, power tool) batteries, bringing them to your local solid waste district drop-off facility. When we recycle batteries, we all win!

Don’t forget to replace and recycle your smoke and carbon monoxide detector batteries while you’re turning back your clocks. It’s a great reminder to recycle old batteries to help your district in the battery collection challenge!

Help spread the word by downloading and sharing promotional materials and checking our locator to find a convenient battery drop-off location near you.

Obligated Producers

Under Vermont law, producers cannot sell primary batteries in the State unless they participate in a stewardship plan, which provides free collection and recycling of primary batteries for consumers.


Collection Partners

Over 100 Vermont retailers, businesses, communities and public agencies participate in the Call2Recycle® program as collection sites. Beginning January 1, 2016, consumers can recycle both single-use and rechargeable batteries as well as cellphones through these collection sites.