Our wizard simplifies BOL entry and assists with compliance with 5 easy steps (Please click on each step – in blue – for additional information, including Q&As):

Step 1: Welcome – Reminds you that this is for those enrolled participants shipping with our freight partner in the continental U.S.. It also has reminder information on our accepted materials (we do not take wet-cell batteries). Because the Wizard is only for participants, you will need to validate that you are enrolled in our program.

Step 2: Your Shipping/Contact Information – Based on the Site ID and zip code entered, our wizard automatically retrieves the shipping and contact information we have on file. Please review this and make any necessary edits. If you provide your email address, a copy of the BOL and any necessary shipping labels will be emailed to you upon completion.

Step 3: Your Shipment – Here’s where you tell us about the rechargeable batteries you are shipping: how many pallets, the total weight of each battery chemistry being shipped, the type of container storing that chemistry and how many of that container type (units). See example If you’re shipment is sorted, you can select the battery chemistry (ex. Ni-Cd) or you can choose “Mixed” for shipments that are not sorted. You will also have the option of selecting whether or not you need a lift gate for pickup. Typically, shipping locations without loading docks or dedicated shipping facilities require a lift gate.

Step 4: Review – You’re almost done! See – we told you it’d be easy. If you’d like to check what your finished BOL looks like, this is your chance. Click on the Preview button.

Step 5: Complete – Congratulations! You’ve created your BOL. Please download and print 2 copies of your BOL. (one for your records and one for our freight partner). We’ve also created shipping labels for you using the location information you provided. Please follow the on-screen instructions to schedule your pickup.

Use the BOL Wizard