National Battery Day – February 18th

National Battery Day on February 18 is meant to recognize the importance of batteries and the role they play in powering our lives. However, the safe and proper end-of-life management of batteries is critical—for people, property, and the environment.

We invite you to use the available National Battery Day materials and join Call2Recycle to help raise battery recycling awareness and inform your communities – customers, residents, employees – about the importance of safe, battery handling and recycling.

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  • National Battery Day consumer landing page: /recycling-101/
  • Link to Call2Recycle’s online locator, where consumers can find their nearest drop-off location to recycle their batteries here: /locator/
  • Visit our Services and Solutions page for additional recycling here: /services-solutions/

Sample Social Media Posts:

Customize these pre-written posts to help promote safe battery recycling, before and/or on National Battery Day



#NationalBatteryDay is on February 18! #Recycling your #batteries is one simple way to protect the environment and create a more sustainable world. Visit @Call2Recycle to learn how you can responsibly manage your batteries: #LeadtheCharge

You can celebrate #NationalBatteryDay by #recycling your #batteries, but you can’t just toss them in your curbside recycling! Learn more from @Call2Recycle and find a drop-off location near you:



Recycling your #batteries on #NationalBatteryDay is a sustainable way to make sure batteries stay out of landfills, avoid becoming environmental hazards, and are reused to create new products! We’re proud to work with @Call2Recycle to ensure the responsible and safe management of batteries in your community and those across the United States. Check out their website for more resources:

Recycling your #batteries is a great way to celebrate #NationalBatteryDay, but remember that batteries require special recycling and can’t just be thrown in the trash or blue bin! Find @Call2Recycle drop-off locations near you:



Recycling used #batteries is a great way to demonstrate your commitment to #sustainability on #NationalBatteryDay. Keeping batteries out of landfills helps create a #CircularEconomy that minimizes waste, protects the environment, and reduces the need for raw material extraction. We’re proud to work with @Call2Recycle, Inc., the country’s leading consumer #BatteryRecycling and stewardship program, on the safe collection and management of batteries at their end-of-life. Learn more about the importance of battery recycling: #LeadtheCharge

Batteries power everything from our phones and our power tools to our vehicles – This February 18th, you can celebrate #NationalBatteryDay by recycling your used batteries and keeping them in our supply chain – not our landfills. We’re proud to work with @Call2Recycle, Inc., the country’s leading consumer #batteryrecycling and stewardship program, on the safe collection and management of batteries. Find out more:


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