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Call2Recycle 2020 Annual Report

Powering Through and Powering Forward in 2020

Call2Recycle is proud to share its 2020 U.S. Annual Report. The year 2020 was a year unlike any other, presenting challenges and pushing our creative thinking to new heights as an organization. With many typical consumer battery recycling efforts and engagement activities stifled due to the pandemic, we leaned into our incredible network of stewards and collection sites to continue our charge of responsible battery management.

Our partners exceeded all expectations and through their efforts, Call2Recycle collected 8.4 million pounds of consumer batteries throughout the U.S. in 2020. The collection numbers were 11% higher than in 2019 and proved the largest collection number in Call2Recycle’s history. More than 2.9 million pounds of the total batteries collected came from retailers with more than 136,000 collection boxes distributed to collection sites. With 86% of Americans living within a 10-mile radius of a Call2Recycle drop-off site, we look forward to continued engagement in our battery recycling program.

In such a precarious year, we are exceedingly thankful for all the support received that helped Call2Recycle power through and power forward in 2020. Positioning a new CEO & President amidst all of the change gave us an opportunity to reflect on the tremendous contributions of Carl E. Smith and look ahead to the organization’s continued evolution under Leo Raudys. We invite you to learn more about our 2020 milestones, collections, and financials in our 2020 Annual Report.