Call2Recycle® is the country’s leading consumer battery recycling and stewardship program.

Thousands of partners, including retailers and government municipalities, work with Call2Recycle to manage their battery recycling efforts. Through our tailored and personalized approach, we offer partners across the U.S. an easy way to address their battery recycling needs, all while ensuring the reduction of hazardous waste in compliance with state and national regulations.

Since 1994, Call2Recycle, Inc. has grown from an idea by a group of five battery manufacturers to a leading not-for-profit, product stewardship organization that operates according to the principles of efficiency, transparency and commitment. After 25 years and more than 115 million pounds of batteries recycled in the U.S., Call2Recycle continues to define itself as a leading turnkey, end-of-life battery recycling program with more than 16,000 public drop-off sites across the nation.